Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year to all of my awesome readers!!

I hope your New Year was fun and you have some wonderful Goals for 2015.  I plan on focusing on my home based business, being a better Wife and Mom, and giving more in the community and working on growing my faith even stronger.

I wanted to write this post and reflect on last year and look at some of my most popular posts of 2014.

Being a Boy Mom was one of those posts where I poured my heart out and really shared my feelings about being a Mom to Three boys.  I have resolutions to be a better Mom and I found some articles that I would like to share with you that are really powerful to me and I feel like can really help me stick to my resolution.  The first one is from Hands Free Mama and the article is called, The Important thing about Yelling. It is a really good read.  Another one is, To Build (or break) a Child's Spirit (also from Hands Free Mama).

Another popular post that I published last year was, Strong Inside and Out.  This is also a great post to re-read because it is cold and flu season and I share ways that I keep my family healthy.

A very fun post that I did last year was, The Crazy Cat Lady.  If you want to laugh and know why I am the crazy cat lady, just read it.  LOL

Now it is time for a favorite that was food!! My most popular food post was Taco Soup.  I actually haven't made this one in a while so I will have to add this to my menu next week because it looks so good!

Lastly, for something sweet but healthy... My Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe!  This one is so good and my kids love these! You have to try them!

Thank you so much for supporting me this last year and I hope to continue to post recipes, weekly shopping trips and menus, DIY projects, and every day life posts and pictures.  I hope you have an awesome year!!!


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  1. Those Peanut butter cookies look amazing! Love reading your blog Julia!


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