Monday, December 8, 2014

Family Photo Fun...

Well, I have to start this post off by saying that we have never had professional photos taken of our family.  I know!  Terrible!  Well, now that has all changed!

 A few weeks ago I contacted Sandy about doing our family photos and we set up a date to make that happen and I was SO excited!  

I can not tell you enough how wonderful Sandy is!  Knowing that we have a son with special needs, she was so accommodating and understanding about location and that it might be cold outside.  She made a game plan with me to keep Ryan warm during our outside session (which was so sweet of her!) and fortunately it was a beautiful day on picture day and we didn't have to even worry about him getting cold after all.

When picture day came, Sandy was so sweet to remind me of our session time in a private message and I could tell that she was so excited to meet us all and take our pictures.  I was also so very excited! Did I mention that I was excited?!?!  LOL

I didn't know what to expect, but when we arrived at our location Sandy was so good about organizing us in different poses.  She made sure that everything looked perfect for each shot and even took some fun pictures for the boys as they ran around and played.  

I was so impressed with her talent not only with the camera but how good she was with interacting with our family and my active boys.  I loved her patience with them and so was so friendly and fun to work with.  

If you need pictures, I can guarantee that you will not be sorry if you choose Sandy to take them.  She captured our family so beautifully and I am so grateful for her and her passion for photography.  

You can visit Sandy's Facebook Page here:  Facebook Sandy Deal Photography

& her Photography website here:  Website Sandy Deal Photography

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