Monday, September 8, 2014

Strong Inside and Out...

With the very serious new respiratory virus that is spreading like wildfire around us, I wanted to compile a post about how you can stay strong and protect your family from any sickness.  Whether it be the flu, this mystery respiratory virus, or just a common cold.. These are the things that I recommend...

I only trust these product to keep my family healthy and our immune systems strong.  They are all natural and non GMO and only the best ingredients are used.  It is my passion to help you and your family stay healthy and this is how...

I would first recommend a good Multi-Vitamin for you and your family.

For adults and teens, I recommend Vitalizer or if you want a step down vitamin that is a little cheaper (but Vitalizer is the best) you can use Vita-Lea.

For Children I would recommend Incredivites.  My kids love them and I even have a son with special needs that I crush and give to him in his g-tube.  There are many Moms who crush this and give to their babies in their baby food or formula/bottle.

The next thing I use for my family is a good immune support/builder.

For adults and teens I would use Nutriferon, and Vitalized Immunity.  We also have Defend and Resist and Immunity Formula 1.  My personal favorite right now is Vitalized Immunity.  It is this little orange pill that you put into your drink (I use 4oz of water) and let it dissolve.  It is like eating 16 oranges in one serving.

Children are going to get Immunity builders if they are taking Incredivites, but can also benefit by drinking Vitalized Immunity, or another popular option is our Chewable Vitamin C.  (My kids love these!)

Now you have your insides built up, now it is time to check your home.

My favorite cleaning products (and only ones we use in our home) are also safe and natural.  I do not use bleach or any other harmful chemicals but we still maintain a clean home.
I use Basic H and Basic G to clean my home.  Basic G is one of the most important because you will use that to kill the germs in your home.  Basic G out-performs Lysol and Pine-Sol, and HAS NO FUMES! It CLEANS, DISINFECTS, AND DEODORIZES in one step! No rinsing is required unless the area cleaned will be used for the preparation of food, or could be placed in the mouth, such as a child’s/pet’s toy. In fact, it is SAFER, and MORE EFFECTIVE as a disinfectant than store brands, and ounce for ounce COSTS LESS than store brands! Basic-G costs 27 cents per gallon and makes 64 gallons of disinfecting cleaner per 32 oz. bottle of Basic-G Germicide Concentrate.  I even use the Basic G to make my own cleaning wipes to save money.  These cleaners are so frugal and save me so much money wile also getting my house cleaner than it has ever been.

So those are my tips for a healthy family and home during the hard months of cold, flu, and virus season.  Please contact me at any time if you have any questions or if you need help ordering.  I am so glad to help you!!

Thanks for stopping by and if you feel led, please share this with your friends and family so they can stay healthy as well.


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