Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Lighting the Place Up...

So I have been complaining to my hubby for about a year now that my office space (which is located in the corner of our master bedroom) is just too dark for me to see.  I resorted to putting a lamp on either side of my computer and it was so annoying trying to turn them on and off every time I sat down to work and they still didn't give off that much light.  My hubby was just okay for me to struggle until two weeks ago he decided to put a desk next to mine so he would have a place to work when he brought his work home.  As soon as he sat down to work, he realized that it was dark and he couldn't see well... REALLY?!?!?  So now that it benefits him... he has decided that we need some extra lighting in our room over our desks.  Interesting... I could have told him that a year ago (and I DID!)  So on Saturday he went to Lowes without me to pick up some new lights to go over our desks.  I tried to explain that I wanted a pendant light and I told him before he bought anything to make sure he called me and sent me a picture.  He did such a good job!!  He sent me a picture of these....

I immediately fell in love with him and was so proud of him embracing my style!  The best part.. they were originally $50 that he got for $11.50!!  I told him to pick up three at that price and we could change out the light above our kitchen sink.  I am just so in love with how they look!  (Please excuse our unfinished walls!! We are planning on getting some crown molding up soon.)

Even though I give him a hard time, I am so blessed to have a handy man for a husband.  ;)


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