Friday, August 22, 2014

Get Rid Of The Mommy Brain!

Introducing: Shaklee MindWorks

I am so excited about this product and let me tell you why...
Have you nourished your brain today? Shaklee just introduced a new MindWorks program, including nutritional support and brain training software. You are going to love MindWorks!

Neural connections in our brain start declining as early as age 20, by age 45 this decline occurs even more rapidly. Studies show the key ingredients in MindWorks help improve mental sharpness and focus and support long term cognitive health.

Scientific studies have shown the key ingredients work in 3 ways:

Immediate improvement in cognitive performance 3 x better than the control group

Over time, neural connections become less efficient, impairing our ability to recall, think and respond. A key nutrient in MindWorks was shown in multiple clinical studies to significantly enhance memory, sharpen focus and improve reaction time.

Protects against age related mental decline

Key nutrients in MindWorks were shown in laboratory studies to promote the formation of new neural connection and in clinical study to reduce brain shrinkage rate by 30% over two years. In addition, MindWorks key nutrients were shown in laboratory studies to effectively cross the blood brain barrier and enter the brain.

Supports healthy circulation

Blood circulation is critical for delivery of oxygen and key nutrients to the brain. It is linked to neural activity.


The Shaklee Difference

MindWorks contains key nutrients that have been shown in three clinical studies and dozens of laboratory studies to immediately enhance mental sharpness, as well as support long term brain health.


Powered by an exclusive Chardonnay seed extract and guarana extract.

Only available to Shaklee, the unique Chardonnay grape seed polyphenol blend is made with a paten pending etraction process that concentrates specific polyphenols that are clinically proven to be more bioavailable and impact blood vessel function. This extract is designed to help make vital nutrients available to the brain by supporting healthy circulation.
Our carefully selected guarana extract has been extensively tested – guarana has long been used traditionally by Amazonian Indian tribes. It helps improve cognitive performance and on serving of MindWorks contains less caffeine than a medium cup of decaf coffee.

MindWorks includes free access to brain training software

Shaklee is a leader in cognitive health by providing both nutritional support and brain training software in one program. The MindWorks program includes a free month of access to brain training software from CogniFit.

The CogniFit brain games are designed to:
  • Strengthen neural connections
  • Exercise your cognitive skills like memory and concentration
  • Improve your cognitive performance while having fun

To get your own Mind Works today, just click HERE!



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