Wednesday, January 22, 2014

To Stack or Not to Stack.?? That is the question...

Do you have a stackable washer and dryer?  Do you stack it or not?
I have had my "space age" washer and dryer for a few years and LOVE them!  I was so excited that I was going to be able to stack them and put in a utility sink next to them.  (I have a tiny laundry room)
Well, I never got my utility sink...

I started to look on the all amazing Pinterest site at different Laundry Room Ideas and found several that I liked and most had unstacked washer and dryers.  I am pretty short (shhh don't laugh at me!) and can't see the Dryer settings well when they are stacked and furthermore, my kids can't help do more than putting the clothes in the washer.   I told my hubby I wanted them unstacked and he gave me "that look". Ha!  He really didn't want to unstack them and gave me some reasons why. 

I guess I won, because after some measuring and talking we decided to unstack them.

This is before...

I had 2 small shelves beside my washer and dryer and then on the wall to the left I had some shelving...

We decided that we wanted to get rid of the shelf because it blocks the door to our return.  We came up with a solution to put open shelving over the Washer and Dryer and get rid of the shelf.  I thought it was a good idea (we can't afford cabinets at this time) but I hated the idea of everyone seeing the mess on the shelf.  I knew I could organize everything but I wanted it covered.  

I decided to find a curtain and sew it to fit our needs and cover the open shelving.  It worked great!  I love how it turned out!

I sewed the curtain in half and then cut it up the middle so it is like two curtains.  I actually found the curtain and the tension rod at Dollar General.  I paid $18 for this project!!  My husband already had the wood and the brackets for the shelving so that helped.

My 4 year old was so excited that he could reach the dryer and has really been helping me with laundry.  Hope that lasts!  ;)

So what do you think?

Do you have your Washer and Dryer stacked or unstacked?

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  1. So sorry that you never got your sink, but I do like it better side by side. The shelves and storage looks great and I love your curtains!!

    1. Thank you so much, Luisa! I appreciate you stopping by!


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