Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Quick And Simple Oatmeal....

This Oatmeal has been my go-to meal for quite some time now.  I love that it is simple and only takes about five minutes to make. If you are busy like me, you will love this recipe!

I actually took a bunch of pictures of the process of me making this Oatmeal and then realized that my memory card wasn't in my camera... Yeah.  Have you ever done that?  Very frustrating!

I put 1/2 cup of Old Fashioned Oats in a bowl and then pour about 3/4 to 1 cup of very hot water over the top of the oatmeal in my bowl.  (Depending on how soupy you like your oatmeal you can decide if you like the extra amount of water or not  I prefer mine thick.)  I cover it with saran wrap or foil and then I go get ready for my day.
I actually have a BUNN coffee maker so I just get my hot water from there or if you have a Keurig, you can brew a cup of water and pour it over your oatmeal.  It is so fast! 

When I get done getting ready, my oatmeal is all ready for me!  I like to put brown sugar and butter in mine. (Yes, REAL butter is good for you!)  Sometimes I put Coconut Oil in it, but I like to keep it simple.  If you like a little something more in yours you can add fruit, granola, or nuts.  Sometimes I put chia seeds in mine.  Oatmeal is SO good for you and is much better than eating fast food or not eating at all.  If you are on the go, you can make this oatmeal in a cup and eat it on the go.  

I love to eat my Oatmeal with a cup of French Press coffee!  YUM!  How do you like your Oatmeal?

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