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Building a Shaklee Herbal Medicine Cabinet...

With so many changes happening in our country with the Affordable Health Care Act, I am not sure what is really going to happen to our health care.  I know one fact is that my family is going to do everything we can to prevent getting sick and having to visit our doctors.  We have decided to take Shaklee suppliments for LIFE!  It is very important to us for our health and well being.

You can read below what we take:

Building a Shaklee Herbal Medicine Cabinet

Sources: Sherrie Attila, Dave Mulvain, and Gemma Gorham, M.P.H..

(This information is specific to Shaklee supplements. Amounts will not be specific to other brands)

What is an herb? Of plant origin whose leaves or stems are used for medicine, seasoning, food or perfume.

Stuffy Noses and Cough

Smash: 5 Alfalfa and 1 Zinc

For Infant or Young Child: Mix it with tepid (lukewarm) water and pure maple syrup, put in eye-dropper (like a tea formula)

For Older Child: Add 1 to 2 

NutriFeron. Mix with applesauce, preferably organic.

Give two to three times a day for a couple days to break up the mucous

For Adults: 5 Alfalfa, 1 Zinc and 2 NutriFeron

Cough: Liquid Lea and chewable Vitamin C

Diarrhea/ Vomiting

1. NutriFeron

b. Most powerful front line of defense for the immune system

c. Safe, natural immune stimulant

d. Can be crushed or taken as a pill

2. Stomach Soothing Complex

a. Great for upset stomachs and even after vomiting stops

b. Make into a tea or put in 1 Tbsp applesauce

3. Performance - Orange or Lemon Lime 

a. Great for preventing dehydration

b. Mix with tepid water and encourage child to take small sips

4. Optiflora

a. Taken for a healthy intestinal track

b. Recommended as a daily supplement

c. For Infant: soak in water and mix with rice cereal

5. Zinc

d. Great for severe diarrhea

e. For children up to one year- take ½ tablet

f. Increase 5 mg. for every age until you reach 2 tablets total

Fever (can be due to stomach flu, ear ache, sore throat)

Reference: How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of your Doctor by Dr. Mendelson

Sore throat

b. Take garlic at the onset of a sore throat, scratchy throat or viral pneumonia

1. Garlic is known as nature’s antibiotic

2. One mg of allicin (a component of garlic) has the potency of 15 standard units of penicillin

3. Garlic is effective against toxic bacteria, viruses, and fungus

c. For children: take one garlic, 3 times per day (Crush 2 alfalfa with 3 garlic to help prevent upset stomach)

d. For adults: take 9-12 garlic per day to achieve antibiotic effects

e. For Nursing Moms: if you take the garlic and alfalfa, it will get to the baby through the milk. It is also encouraged that you take EZ-Gest, an enzyme that will help break down the garlic for the stomach and the breast milk

f. For Non-Nursing Moms: Crush garlic capsule and pour it in baby’s sock and leave in overnight (1 capsule per sock)

g. Additional Ideas: Mashed potatoes w/ crushed garlic, hummus w/ added garlic, onion soup w/ added garlic, etc.

h. Chewable C for sore throat. Feels good on throat. Gets into the blood quicker if you chew it.


a. Take Shaklee DR (Defend & Resist)

1. Contains Echinacea, elderberry, larch tree, and zinc

2. Provides a short term boost to the immune system

3. Take 7 days on, 3 days off - not to be taken long term


6 months old - ½ capsule once/day

1 year- 1 tablet, increase one tablet per year up to age 6, totaling six tablets/day

Adult – 6 tablets/day 

5. Helps to stop reproduction of the virus

6. Other Uses: Suck on it or crush it up and make into a tea

7. Reduces the amount of time it takes for your body to heal

b. NutriFeron 

1. Promotes natural interferon production

2. Dosage:

1 year old – 1 tablet/day

Older children and adults – 2 tablets/day

 Ear Ache

a. Take NutriFeron, Garlic, Vitamin C, DR (Defend and Resist) and alfalfa 3 times per day (see recommended dosages in above notes)

b. Onion juice- 2 drops in each ear

1. Peel onion and put in blender

2. Strain the mush off and put juice in a small bottle.

3. Onion juice needs to be tepid, not cold, before putting in the ear

Headaches -Alternative to Over-the-Counter Drugs

1. Options: 

a. Adults - 5 Calcium, 6 garlic, 3 Pain Relief Complex

b. Children – 3-4 chew. Calcium, 3 smashed garlic, 1 Pain Relief Complex

Other Helpful Products
1. Gentle Sleep Complex

b. Use when a child has a hard time getting to sleep

c. Put in eye dropper or tea

d. Herb used as a natural calming agent

e. Especially good for traveling or when schedule is changed (i.e. company visiting)

2. EZ-Gest

a. Complete complex that breaks down dairy, legumes, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats

b. For lactose intolerance

c. Also use when introducing new foods - Mix ½ capsule in applesauce

3. HerbLax

a. For constipation

b. Especially for traveling

c. Take with GLA, increased water, and increased fiber

4. Immunity Formula I

a. Immune stimulating product that stimulates cells to produce antibodies

b. Taken when you are extremely ill

c. If Nursing, the mother can take a maximum of 4 per day to help stimulate the immune system

d. For Younger Children, prick the capsule and squeeze into applesauce and liquid of Formula I

Daily Plan

Goal: To help build your family’s health when they are NOT sick

1. NutriFeron – This herbal formulation is key for any wellness program. 

2. Optiflora- Prebiotic and Probiotic- a healthy digestive tract is the basis of all health. It is the first line of defense.

3. Vita-Lea or Incredivites- Kid’s Vita Lea contains xylitol, a sweetener that helps prevent tooth decay and may help prevent ear infections (Finnish Study)

4. Vitamin C – Sustained Release or chewable

5. Calcium - chewable or swallow

6. Protein drink- used for energy w/out raising insulin, contains amino acids, the Building blocks of all cells

You can find all of the suppliments named HERE.

If you have any questions about what we take, you can email me at

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