Monday, November 11, 2013

An amazing weekend...

The weekend before last I had an amazing opportunity to have my Mentor, Team Leader, and Friend come spend the weekend with me!  It was so much fun and flew by so fast.

I still can't believe that I got to meet Erin and I will never forget our fun weekend that we had.  Hopefully soon we can see each other again.

This is at the airport while I waited on her to arrive.  She sent me a text as soon as her plane touched down and told me how beautiful it was in VA.  Erin is from Kansas so she wasn't used to seeing all of the mountains.  She loved riding around VA and seeing the mountains covered with the fall trees.

The first place we went after we picked up Erin, was to the OLIVE GARDEN!  We both LOVE the Olive Garden and we knew that was where we needed to go for lunch.  The food was so good and it was so nice to sit down and chat for a while.

WASHI Tape heaven!!!

While Erin was in we also went to Staples, Maurices, Lowes, and went out to eat at some of our favorite places.  Erin loved our Mexican restaurant and we actually ate there twice!  Yum!

One of my favorite times that we had during her visit was when we got to sit down for hours at the table and work.  She had some amazing business ideas for me and I soaked everything up that we talked about.  I tried to write everything down and felt so blessed to have that time with her as a business partner.  We could have sat at that table for days and talked!

This is me and Erin the same night we did my business planning.  We also ended up cleaning out my whole pantry and throwing away what I didn't need and meal planning with what I already had.  My pantry is so clean now!!  Thanks, Erin!!  :)

Every morning we would get up and have coffee together.  I can't have a morning without my coffee and neither can Erin.  ha ha!

After our coffee, we would make a big Vanilla 180 Smoothee and split it so we could take our supplements to have energy for the day!

On Saturday, I had a party celebrating the success that I have had in the last year with Shaklee.  I was so glad to have Erin there to support me and tell her story.  We had an amazing turn out and yummy food!

I made a big batch of my favorite Smoothee, Pumpkin Pie Smoothee, and shared it with all of my guests.

I was so excited that my Mom and my business partner Jennifer could make it too!  It was so nice to see them!  We ended up going outside and taking some photos. It was so fun!

I wasn't really sure what all Erin and I were going to do when she was in.  I thought it would be very centered around Shaklee, and Project Dream.  It was about Shaklee, because that is how we met, but it was also so much more!

Erin and I laughed, cried, talked about family, our children, our dreams, and built our relationship even stronger than it was before.  I am so blessed to know Erin and I hope someday we can go on a family vacation together so I can meet the rest of her family. 

Thank you Erin, from the bottom of my heart for Our Weekend!


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