Friday, August 30, 2013

My Story... Finding Healthy & More....

For those of you who don't know, today is my ONE YEAR Anniversary!!

About two and a half years ago, I came across a blog of a sweet family and read that they just switched all of their cleaning products, beauty products, and vitamins to an all natural company.
An all natural company who is the #1 Nutritional Company in the US!

I was intrigued!  I had a 4 year old special needs son (and a 2 and 6 year old) and knew that I needed to make a change for my family so we could all be more healthy.  I was concerned with Ryan's respiratory problems that I was using chemicals in my home that would be harmful for him and my other two children.  Ryan lays on the floor a lot and my other two children are always on the floor playing with their toys.  I decided to buy the Get Clean Starter Kit for my home.  I had to start somewhere, so I started with my cleaning products.  

As soon as I received my products, I was so excited to use them and opened them immediately and started using them.  I learned right away that clean did not have a smell.  Clean is clean without strong odors and harsh chemicals.  I noticed over the next year that we were more healthy and did not get sick as often.  I remember thinking about joining this company often and wanting to share how awesome the products were with everyone I knew but I put it off. 

A year ago I decided I was ready!  I was ready to join Project Dream and partner with this awesome company.  I called Erin up and told her, "Lets do this"!
She explained to me that in order to Join Project Dream I had to buy the kit.  
The Kit is $599.  I remember my heart sinking and I told her that I did not have $599.
I came up with a plan because I was determined.  I was not going to let that $599 stand in my way!  I wanted to work at home with this amazing Team and this amazing Company.

So what did I do?  I sewed...

I made Zipper pouches and sold them.  Some of you may have even bought them from me and I really do appreciate your help and support!  Not only did I raise $599... I raised over $700 from selling the zipper pouches.  In ONE WEEK!
I was so determined!

Before Project Dream I just felt empty.  I felt like I didn't have a purpose and I was not contributing in any way to our growing debt.  I had such a passion for the products that it was just silly for me not to share them with others.

When I was added to our awesome Project Dream page on the day I joined, I was blown away!  There were over 100 other stay at home Moms just like me!  I felt so wanted and encouraged by all of them!  The training and help that is given in our Team is just awesome!  Everyone works together to help each other succeed and grow.  It is just amazing!  I can not imagine life without Project Dream and the wonderful Women that I have met!  Most of them are like family to me and so supportive.  They help me strive and grow my business daily!  I am so blessed!

So I ask you today...

Have you ever thought about working from home, making your own hours, joining an amazing team of women who are supportive and amazing, and making money while helping others become healthy? Don't put it off like I did! 

You bootstrap it and you go for it. There were SO many 

obstacles in My way. I could have had a million 

excuses on why I SHOULDN'T start a Shaklee 

business. But, I didn't let ANY of that get in My way. 

Can you imagine how much further I would be if I joined two years ago?!?! 

Today is my One Year Anniversary with Project Dream and Shaklee and I am so blessed to work and be among some of the most amazing women I have ever met! 

Don't wait!  Join me today!!

You can email me at if you have any questions.


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