Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Gel Nails are Awesome!!!...

As most girls, I am very excited when it comes to nails and nail painting.  If you remember, I posted a few months ago about a 5 day manicure that worked really well for me with traditional polish, but this is SO much better! 

Ryan's nurse had been using Gel Nail polish for a few weeks and I was skeptical at first.  I really did not believe there was any polish out there that would stay on a hard working SAHM's nails for TWO whole weeks!  Impossible!  Well, she brought her kit and let me try it.  

This is Day One...

I was really pleasantly surprised after I applied the gel polish.  I could tell that it was really thick and made my nails very strong.  It was even very easy to use the kit!  I did everything I could for the next two weeks to put this polish to the test.

I washed dishes (without gloves! GASP!!), went bowling, spray painted (and the gel cleaner cleaned the spray paint off of my nails), washed my hands two billion times (seriously!) (I do not use anitbacterial soap or hand wash. I only use natural non toxic products that are not harsh on my hands and I think that helped too.  To see what I use you can go HERE.), banged them constantly on stuff and then immediately checked them out to be surprised to find no chips or breaks in the polish, and don't forget, I took care of three kids!    So after putting them to the test, this is day 14....

Yes, I am serious!  This stuff is amazing!!  

So, you want to know what I used?  

This amazing stuff...

Sensationail!  You do have to use this kit/gel polish with a UV light to set your polish, but it is so worth it!  
I found this kit on Ebay for $45 which is a great deal.  You can find the kit at most convenient stores but I opted to get it from ebay.  They do sell a special glove that you can put over your fingers to protect them from the UV light.  I believe that I am probably going to purchase one very soon because I can't imagine not using this amazing product.  

This is what comes in the kit...

The process of painting your nails from start to finish takes me about 45 minutes, but I am a beginner.  I am sure with time I will get faster.  I love that after you paint your nails and cure them under the light, that they are done.  They are dry and you can go do whatever you want right after.  No more walking around like a Zombie waiting for your nails to dry!  :)

So this is the process...

1. prep nails by pushing cuticles and lightly buffing the surface cleaning with gel cleaner

2. prime nail with gel primer let dry 15 seconds

3. paint base coat and cure for 30 seconds

4. paint color coat (mine took 4 coats and you have to cure for 1 minute after each coat)

5. paint top coat and cure for 30 seconds

6. wipe nails with gel cleaner

And you are done!  

I was so excited about it that I got the french manicure kit.  I painted them on day 14 and I love them...

My kids are all going to school this year and I was planning on going to the mall and paying $20 every two to three weeks to get Shellac on my nails.  (Want to know my secret to growing strong beautiful nails? Go HERE)  I am so glad that I discovered this first because it is going to save me so much money!  I can't wait to try the next color in two weeks...

It is called Kitten Heel and it is SO pretty!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great day!

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  1. So excited about this! The girls and I got shellac last week and that $50 hurt for a SAHM buget. I've seen this but never dreamed it worked that well. I have a uv light already so I am so excited to try this! Thank you so much!


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