Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Getting Back on The Wagon....

Hi There!  The summer has really been hard on me!  The kids are out of school and I do not have as much time to work out and take care of myself.  

I am working on getting serious again about my health.  I am still eating pretty healthy but I am not drinking enough water or doing enough exercise.  When it is hot enough I am able to go swimming with the kids and that seems to be burning a lot of calories, but we have not been able to go every day because the weather has just not been cooperating this year.

So here is where I am at now:

Please excuse my lack of makeup and "Mom clothes", but I have gained a little bit of my weight back from my Body Challenge back in March.  I believe the difference has been lack of exercise. 

I am excited to tell you that I am not giving anymore excuses for not exercising!  It is not my kid's fault that they are out of school for the summer!  I am going to get up early in the morning and take the 30 day shred challenge:

Wanna do it with me?  Easy!!!  
Go to Walmart and buy this awesome disk for $10!  What a steal!  I love Jillian and she will kick your tush into shape in no time!

I am also using some of my favorite products to help me reach my goals!

First, I am taking a GOOD quality vitamin daily!  (These are my favorites!)

I love these because they have over 30 vitamins and minerals in this one little strip!  I also have so much energy from taking them too!

Then for five days I am doing a healthy detox with these....

I love that with these two supplements I can do a healthy detox while still eating very healthy foods!

I am going to drink LOTS of water and stay hydrated!
You are supposed to drink half your weight of water (in ounces) every day.  That is a lot of water but it is so good for you.  This one is hard for me but I HAVE to do it to succeed! 
I am going to use this to help me stay hydrated as well...

I am going to do weekly Wraps...

These are basically wraps that you apply to your stomach for at least 45 minutes, and they help tone and tighten your skin.  I have gotten wonderful results from them.
If you are interested in using these (they really do work!!) you can go HERE to get some.  I also love their defining gel!

Last but not least, I am drinking a Protein Smoothee once a day (this is my favorite brand) for lunch!  

The possibilities are endless with this protein powder too!  I make all kinds of flavors and recipes with these to keep my smoothees fresh and fun!

I plan on posting weekly on how I am doing.  I am going to post my inches lost, since this is an inch loss program, as well as what is working and what is not working for me during this journey.  I hope to reach my goal in three months which is to loose 30 pounds.  I would like to be at my pre-pregnancy weight.  Most importantly though, I want to be healthy and more active for my kids!  

Check back next Tuesday for my weekly results where I will reveal my current inches (from this week) and how many inches I have lost in a week!  

You can also follow my journey HERE on Facebook!


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  1. I love 30 day shred - its a great workout! Right now I am doing the Revolt fitness program and blogging about it http://www.mostlyfoodandcrafts.com/search/label/revolt
    Good Luck on your fitness journey!


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