Monday, June 3, 2013

Trying to Stay Away From the Hospital...

Yesterday morning I went in to check on Ryan because he was fussing and he had thrown up and wasn't doing very well.  When he throws up, he has a very high chance of aspiration which is a very scary thing for him!  He likes to make drama!! (I am just kidding!)
When I got him all cleaned up, I noticed that he felt hot and his heart rate was up.  I stopped his night time feed and decided to vent his belly to give him a rest from eating.  I gave him some Zofran to help the nausea he may have felt, and some tylenol and motrin to get his fever down and then let him rest. 

When he has a fever it can cause many problems.  It will cause a high heart rate and his respiratory rate is high as well.  Usually because he is breathing so fast, we have to give him some oxygen.  Now that he has his BiPap, I will put him on that instead of his canula.  the BiPap forces air into his lungs and helps him to breathe deeper.  

In the picture above is a pulse oxygen machine.  The first number is his oxygen saturations and the second number is his heart rate which is normally in the low 100s or lower.  When it is over the 130s we start to worry about him.

Joe went to church services with the other two boys while I stayed home with Ryan.  While he was gone, I was starting to worry more and more about him.  I was unable to do his VEST therapy because he was throwing up so I decided to do a breathing treatment instead.  I could not give him albuterol because it increases his heart rate.  His heart rate was already in the 180s so I had to give him pulmicort.  

His heart rate and fever still were not coming down like I would have liked so I took off all of his clothes to help cool him off.  That still did not work and he actually ended up spiking more of a fever and when he did that he went straight into a very bad seizure.  When I got him all situated from that I gave him an extra booster dose of Motrin as a last resort to get his fever down.  I was in my room packing a bag for the hospital and if his fever wasn't down in an hour we were going to leave.  I was able to get my youngest son to my parents (he is staying for the week) and my oldest son is gone on a trip to Pigeon Forge for the week.

I was so glad when I went back in his room and took his temp and his fever was coming down!  Over the next two hours his heart rate came down as well and we were more comfortable keeping him home.  I am so glad that we did not have to take him in to the hospital!  Now I have to unpack all of my bags.  LOL  

Today he seems much more comfortable and most of his junk seems to be in his sinuses, so we started an antibiotic to help him.  He is not needing any oxygen today which is wonderful and even had a visit from one of his therapists today!  Hopefully he will continue to do well and Joe and I can go on a little date tomorrow night!  We would also love to both go to Church Services with him Wednesday and then be able to go with the members to Wendy's after to get ice-cream!
Thank you all for your continued prayers and I will try to update you again soon on how he is doing!

I usually update daily HERE if you would like to follow along!


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