Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My New Work Space.....

I have been really frustrated with my home office space lately! I am a Work at Home Mom and I have been trying really hard to find a work space that flows well with my business.
First my office looked like this....

And then I changed it to this....

Me and hubby talked about how I could get the most space out of my office especially since I just bought a new computer that has a bigger screen.  The screen seemed like it was so close to my face so we decided to get a corner desk and move the location of my office to the other corner in our room.  We worked on putting the new desk together on Saturday (took two hours!!!) and moved the furniture around in our room.  I was so tired when we got done with it but am so pleased with how it turned out and I LOVE my new desk!!  We found it at Walmart and it had been marked down to $90.  I thought it was a wonderful deal!  

This is how my office looks now...

I love that my monitor is not right up in my face and if I move my keyboard and mouse I have so much room to work on other things!

We brought this cute little shelf in from the living room and it works nicely in my office!  I am going to go to Joann Fabric soon and buy some more of the cute boxes for storage.  We bought a new shelf to go in the living room that works better in that space.  

If you look closely, I have a friend under my desk.  Ha Ha!  He must love my office too!

I had a sweet friend buy me this cute owl.  He was different colors and I decided to spray paint him all one color.  He is so cute and fits in so nicely in my new space!

Thanks for stopping by today to see my new space!  I hope you have a great day!

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  1. I love it! Everything is so organized. This makes me motivated to organize my office. Thanks for sharing!

    Julie @ This Gal Cooks

    1. Thanks, Julie! Doesn't it seem like the home office is the first place that always becomes a mess in no time? I hope you have a wonderful day! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Aunt Malinda! I am hoping now that I have a place for everything that it won't become a big mess again. Love you and hope you have a great day!!!

  3. Julia, It looks awesome! I also have a corner office in my bedroom but its not as nicely organized as yours. :)

    1. Thanks, Rosa! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a good day! :)

  4. Loving your new space, it is so organized! Thank you so much for linking up.

    1. Thanks, Rita! Oh and I found out that my birchbox subscription was just messed up. I missed a box but I should get one next month. I am going crazy without my box this month! :D

  5. You have a lot of stuff there, Julia! Good thing you managed to organize everything. thus leaving your space tidy. It's much easier to work when everything you need is just within your reach. Anyway, I can see a couple of owls in your workspace, are they your favorite?

    -Metro Office


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