Monday, June 17, 2013

Menu Plan Monday....

Welcome back to Menu Plan Monday!!

This week is a big week in our house because we are celebrating Ryan!!  Our son, Ryan will be 6 years old this Friday and we are having two parties for him this week.  I will have a more detailed post for him on Friday but we are so blessed to be celebrating another birthday with him when the Drs. told us that there wasn't much of a chance of him living past two.  He IS our little fighter!!

This week at the store, I bought more than I normally would for the parties, but I only ended up spending $120 which isn't too bad.  I did buy a big bag of cat food (that is not pictured) on sale for $10 and that is something that I would normally not buy and I bought two different desserts.  I bought more food in general just for the extra people who are eating with us this week to celebrate.

This is what I bought...

If you look closely, you can see my wonderful hubby on the couch lounging and watching the race.  :) ha ha!
He will be so mad that I got him in the picture!  

I was able to get a lot of fruit this week on sale so I stocked up on as much as I could.  I love to eat fruit especially in the summer when it is ripe!  
My coffee was also on sale this week for $6.99 which is a steal for dunkin doughnuts!  
Here is my Menu for the week...

We are planning to have the Lasagna on Friday and the Cowboy Hoagies on Thursday.  Sorry for the mix up!

If you would like my Lasagna recipe, you can find it HERE.

It is so good but yet so easy to make!

If you are wondering what the Cowboy Hoagies are, you are in for a treat!  These are not the healthiest of meals, but the Pioneer Woman makes them for her husband and they are so good.  I call them Cowboy Hoagies, but she calls it the Marlboro Man's Sandwich or the MM Sandwich.  You can find the recipe HERE.

This is the picture from Pioneer Woman's website
Yum!!  You have to try that sandwich!  I only make it every now and then because there is lots of butter involved.  :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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