Monday, June 10, 2013

Menu Plan Monday....

I am back on track this week with my menu planning!!  Yay!!
I did my shopping very differently this week.  I went to the meat section and bought what meat was on sale and then went to produce and bought sides to go with the meats.  I did not take a list with me.  I actually stayed within budget doing it this way!  I was actually shocked and thought I would spend more without a list but I actually spent well below my budget!  I guess I only allowed myself to get what was on sale instead of having a pre-determined list to stick to.  The only downfall to this style of shopping is that you can't be as creative with your meals.  Oh well... the boys are home from school so I don't have time for extravagant cooking right now and it makes my house hot to cook so much in the summer time.

So what did I get?

And I only spent this much....

Yes!!  Score!!  $86.26 for the week is awesome!!  I am $14 under my budget and that feels great!

I found this awesome meal planner that I would like to share with you because it is super cute!!  I am going to be using it for now on to show you what we are having for dinner.  

I found this super cute printable at Kristi's site at I Should be Mopping The Floor.

You can download yours for free HERE!

This is what we are having this week....

Thanks so much for stopping by!!  What are you having this week??

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