Friday, June 14, 2013

High Five For Friday...

Yay! It's Friday!  
I hope all of you are safe and sound from the storm that came through last night! 
My hubby had to go out and work until 4am this morning fixing broken poles.  He is really tired and hopefully will not have to work a full day today. 

So this is what I have been up to this week....

1. We are enjoying the summer and the time off from school!  We love eating s'mores here in our house and these were SO good!!

2. My sweet son, Ryan was able to go for a swim for the first time this summer with his new float from  I have finally found something that is safe for him with his special needs that will keep his head above water while allowing him to move freely on his own.  

3. I am so excited about my New Office Space, and so far it has been nice and I have been able to keep it organized because I have a space for everything.  I love the DIY that I did on Mr. Owl! 

4. I have been looking at several websites and am finally learning how to use my DSLR.  My wireless remote came in today and I am still waiting on my tripod.  Fun!!

5.  Like I said, we are enjoying our summer and are very blessed that my husbands parents have a nice pool for us to swim in.  The kids love it and I am able to sit and do some of my Work.  How many people can say that they can work by the pool?  ;)

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Hope you have a great day!


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