Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Weekend...

Did you have a good Memorial Day Weekend?

I know we did!  We ended up going to my Parent's for the long weekend and had a wonderful time!
I was a very bad girl and did not take enough pictures.  :(  I only have a few, so please forgive me!  I don't have our menu plans this week either but will try to get them started back up next week.  It is going to be a little harder for me to post too because school is out and it is SUMMER break!!  We are planning to be by the pool as much as possible!

I kinda did a crazy thing this weekend and chopped off 6 inches of my hair.  Well, actually...my Mom did.  :)
Here is my hair super long.
and here it is 6 inches shorter..

The crazy thing is that this is not the finished cut!  I am going next week to get it cut more!  Baby steps!

I can't wait to show you the finished cut!

My parents have chickens, and were wanting to get some more.  While we were there, the chicken people called (LOL) and told my mom the new chickens were ready to be picked up.  My Mom told me that we could all go pick them up and I told her that would be okay so we loaded up in the car and went to go get them.  (They live in the country ha!)  These new chickens rode in the back of my van in a cardboard box....
I was so scared that they were going to jump out and fly around my van.  I told my mom that if they did that I was going to wreck.  LOL  We made it home with them fine and let them out in the coop with the other chickens. 

My kids loved playing with them, feeding them , and checking for eggs.  I did too!! :)  It kinda makes me want to have some chickens of my own, but hubby won't let me.... Ha!

My Mom's house is so pretty inside and out!
I took some pictures around their property...

My parents have concord grape vines in their backyard and my mom picks them and makes Jelly and juice.  I loved looking at the baby grapes!

Isn't it so pretty!  The kids spent much of their time outside this weekend and enjoyed it all!

The inside of their house is beautiful too!  My Mom has a lot of country accents in her home!  
Monday my sister and her husband came in to see us too and we grilled out hotdogs and the men shot guns and we just had a blast.  This is where I am really mad at myself for not taking pictures.  :(

Oh well!!  

Now I have to come up with some fun ideas for the kids this summer.  
Any ideas please let me know!



  1. What a fun place to visit! Your hair looks great by the way!

    1. Thanks, Bonnie!! We did have so much fun and my kids have a blast there! I can't wait to show you my real hair cut. It is much shorter. I am trying not to be nervous about it! :)


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