Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Join Us For Simple Health Swaps....

Join Us For....

Ready to get healthy? Lose weight, gain muscle, and feel AMAZING? Ready to have more energy than your kids? If you are ready to begin making small and healthy steps to your forever health, then join us!
Join us on our Private exclusive facebook group where we share recipes, ideas, motivation and just overall tips daily as well as the weekly webinars of amazing guest speakers.
Not sure if this is for you? Each week we are going to offer amazing simple swaps on food, and health tips that can change your health forever and add years onto your life!
My good friend, Erin is going to personally share her stories and get really HONEST and PERSONAL with struggles that affect us and keep us from feeling our best.
day 60
Erin is also going to show you how she went from couch potato Mom to keeping up with her 3 energetic kids. She went from taking naps everyday because she was exhausted to having unstoppable energy that leaves her getting things done . She is re-designing HER life as a MOM. Want to re-design yours?
See you then!
Don't miss out!
This Webinar is held every week on Wednesday, from: May 22, 2013 to Jul 24, 2013 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM CDT
P.S. Please feel free to invite your friends or anyone that wants to get healthy!!


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