Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April Birchbox...

Yay!  My April Birchbox came in the mail yesterday!!

If you don't know what Birchbox is, you can go HERE!

I LOVE getting my birchbox in the mail monthly and this month was a good one!

The first thing I found in my Birchbox, was Nexxus.
Nexxus/Youth Renewal Rejuvenating Elixir
It's not just your skin that needs anti-aging help.  This new shine boosting serum cures dry strands and reduces the odds of age-related breakage.  Full-size $20.99.

My thoughts:  This serum smells SO good!  I used 4 drops in my dry hair and immediately noticed that it was smoother and makes my hair smell so good!  I am not sure if I would pay $20 for the serum, but the sample should last me a while!

Next up:
Caudalie/ Divine Oil
Made with a blend of grape, argan, hibiscus, and sesame oils, this multitasking wonder gives skin, hair, and nails a gorgeous glow.  Full-size $9-$49

My Thoughts:  I like that this is a multi use product.  I am not sure about putting this on my face because it has a fragrance to it, but I think it would be good on the ends of my hair or on dry skin.  It smells really good!

 Welda/ Body Lotion
A creamy lotion that uses sustainably harvested plant oils and natural hydrators to restore skin's moisture levels.  Full-size $16.50

My Thoughts:  Smells Divine!!  I used this lotion on my hands (the pomegranate) and it smells so good!  It was very moisturizing and I can't wait to try the other two scents!  I can see me buying more in the future!

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics/ Anti-Shine Mattifier
Matte is in.  Dab this shine-zapping balm onto your T-zone before applying foundation.  Full Size $36

My thoughts:  I have oily skin so I love this product and it does work, but I don't see me paying $36 for a full size....  Yikes!

StriVectin/ StriVectin-SD Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles
A beauty editor favorite, StriVectin's cream uses a patented molecule peptide to diminish fine lines and reverse the look of puffy circles.  Full-Size $65

My thoughts:  I am excited to try this product!  I will update you in two weeks and let you know if I see a difference.  I am not sure about the $65 price tag, and it will have to work really good for me to even think about paying that much for a wrinkle cream! LOL

Thanks Birchbox for adding in a One-Year subscription to Women's Health!  I am going to put in for mine, but if you don't want it, you can get a $9.99 refund!

Overall, this birchbox was a good one, and my favorite products of the ones I have tried so far is the Pomegranate Lotion!

Did you receive a Birchbox this month?  What was in yours?

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  1. I like your box! I also need a matifier. I have tried a few and returned them as I don't thing they really work. Thanks for linking up your box.

    1. I think this one actually works pretty good. Most of them break out my face for some reason but I didn't experience that for this one. Thanks for having a place for us to link our boxes up! If we lived closer we could share our boxes! :)


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