Monday, April 22, 2013

April 22 Grocery Haul and Weekly Menu (with recipes)....

I am really excited to share with you my grocery shopping trip this week!  I got some wonderful deals!


I was able to get kiwi for 2 for $1 this week, Apples were on sale for .80 a pound, grapes for $1.20 a pound, the peppers were 2 for $3, and strawberries were 3pkg for $5 so since i bought one pack it was $1.67.   (Carrots and Corn not pictured, Oops!)  I also had an awesome coupon for produce....

So I got $4 off of my produce for spending more than $20!  I LOVE saving money on my produce especially since it makes up 60 to 70% of my grocery bill!


Of course, I have my trusty yogurt, cheese (for pizza), and creamer.  I did not get any of this on sale but are always staples in this house!


This is another area where I saved a lot of money this week!  I got the turkey breast tenderloin for $4.89, the peperoni for $3.29, and the Chicken tenders for $3.82!!  I Love these prices!  I saved so much money on my meat this week!  I was going to get a roast this week but when I saw the turkey breast was on sale, I bought that instead.  I change my list at the store sometimes if I find something better on sale.


On my prepackaged items, I was able to get my bread for $2.99 instead of $4.29, my baked beans for $1.79, and the orange juice was on sale but I still paid $3.59, which is a little more that I would have liked for it but I like to keep juice for me and the kids for breakfast.

As you can see, I hardly even bought store brand this week.  I usually only buy store brand unless the name brand is on sale/costs less.  I am so pleased with this grocery trip!!  Are you ready to see what I spent?

I spent $82.35!!!!  I was so happy when the clerk gave me my total!!!  I saved $10.41 and you can also see my year to date savings is $174.29!  I was a good girl today and tried not to do any cheats or splurges!  :)

My menu for this week is:


Turkey Breast 
Baked w/carrots, onions, and red potatoes
Similar to THIS recipe!


Grilled BBQ chicken pizza
Traditional Peperoni Pizza
(Recipe will be on the blog soon!)


Grilled Pork Loin
w/ grilled corn and green beans
(Recipe for the rub that I am using on the Grilled Pork will be on the blog soon with the recipe for my green beans and grilled corn!)



(saves me money and gets rid of extras in fridge!)

That is my weekly Haul and Menu!  Did you go to the store for the week?  What did you buy and what did you save on?

I hope you have a great day and for more money saving tips, you can follow me on Facebook HERE!



  1. I've changed my purchases around at the store to grab a good deal as well. Today is actually my grocery store day but it's rainy and yucky outside and I'm stalling.

    1. Yuck! I stall on rainy grocery store days too! I hate carrying in groceries in the rain! Hope you find some awesome deals today!!


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