Friday, February 8, 2013

Body Turnaround Challenge: Week 5!!

It is week 5 and time for my results!

I had a really good week and am so excited that the 180 program launched their new Burst Training and 180 app!  I have been able to track my goals, my calories, and my workouts.  I love the new app that I get with the program!

This is what it looks like...

The burst training that I am doing is awesome!!  When I first learned about them, I was like...pshh Three minutes of working out, that will be so easy!!  I won't even break a sweat!!  Um, well...It is easy as far as making time to do the workout, but it is a hard core three minutes!!  I was shocked how out of breath and sweaty that I am after each workout, but glad that I can burn 350+ calories in 3 minutes!  I usually do the burst training twice a day.

This is me after one of my burst workouts:

On to results!!!

I did my measurements last week and am blown away by how many inches I have lost in just one week.  I wish I would have measured five weeks ago, but that's okay...

So I have lost SIX inches total!

I can really tell that I have lost inches!  I am looking smaller in the mirror for sure!

Now for my pictures...

So here we are before (In November) and Now (5 weeks into the challenge)

Wow!  That puts things into prospective!!  I am thrilled with my progress so far!

If you missed my other posts, you can find them here:

Thanks for stopping by and for all of your support along the way!

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