Friday, January 11, 2013

My Weight Loss Journey: Week 1...

My first week on the Body Turnaround Challenge has gone really well!

I have been really concious about what I have been eating, and have also been trying to drink more water.  
This is pretty much how my schedule goes:
Breakfast - Meal bar & Coffee & Metabolic Boost
Lunch - Protein Shake (with peanut butter and ice blended) & Metabolic Boost
Snack (around 3ish) - healthy snack or Snack Bar with Energizing Tea
Dinner - I eat a healthy dinner with my family & take Metabolic Boost

I stood on the scale this morning, and have lost 1 pound.  I really need to invest in a digital scale.  I have an old style scale that is not very accurate, so i plan on getting a digital one this week.
I am noticing a difference in my body already.  I am not as bloated looking and I really have more energy and overall feel much better.  I promise I will have some pictures for you next week.  I would take one now, but don't want to see me in my pjs with my hair pulled back lookin all..rough.  LOL  I am still going to take one later today after I get all primped up, just so I have a weekly picture to look back at when I am at my "After - After"!  :)
For my workouts, I am alternating running on my treadmill and doing a workout video.  I just did this one Wednesday:

It is an xbox game and the only complaint I have is that the kinect didn't always pick me up and give me credit for the work that I was doing, but I know that I did the work because I am sore.  It tells me how many calories that I burn and even has a tab on the game with healthy recipes.  The workout made me sweat and got my heart rate up, so If you have an xbox, I totally recommend this game/workout video.
Overall, I am felling much better and am so glad to have the support of others who are doing the Body Turnaround Challenge with me.
If you want to know more about the weight loss Program that I am using, please go HERE!

I hope you have a great weekend!!

And just for fun...
Look at this!!


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