Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What kind of soap do you use??

Two years ago, my family used antibacterial soap.  Since my special needs son, Ryan, was born, we lathered up in the antibacterial soap to keep the germs away.  So we thought....

Two winters ago, we were SO sick!  I stumbled across a blog that talked about something all natural that would help our family!


I decided to purchase a kit (the one you see above) called Get Clean Starter kit.

I found out that these cleaners were safe and non toxic for my family.

My son has respiratory problems so I was very interested in these products!

I LOVED the hand soap right away!!!

I ended up buying a pump to go beside every sink!  (And that is many, because I have 6 sinks in my home!)

Shaklee soap in the master bath

Shaklee soap in Ryan's room

Shaklee soap in Kid's Bathroom

And there is Shaklee soap in my kitchen too, but I don't have a picture.

What we didn't realize is that antibacterial soap:

Is Not Cleaner

  • Studies show that antibacterial soap is no better than using traditional soap and warm water and lathering for 20-30 seconds.

Causes Environmental Damage

  • The hidden danger of antibacterial soaps is that they are more damaging to the environment than regular soap that is made with natural ingredients. The chemicals used to make soap with antibacterial properties do not degrade. 

Have Dangers of Overuse

  • Antibacterial soap has created bacteria that resist traditional antibiotics. 

Causes Allergies

  • A study conducted at the University of Michigan suggests a potential link between the overuse of antibacterial products around children and the development of allergies. The theory is that the body's immune system does not develop properly when not exposed to natural bugs, and so it starts to attack particles that a normal body should ignore, such as pollens.
    All of Shaklee's products are safe and non toxic, and the Hand Soap is not antibacterial.
    So, the real test came when the next winter came, and I was blown away because we were so much healthier and continue (now 2 years later) to be much healthier and do not get sick as often as we used to in the past!

    Shaklee Hand soap makes our hands soft and lasts a really long time because it is super concentrated.  
    The pump that you see above dispenses a small amount of the soap so that it lasts!  It amazes me how much that little bit of soap foams up and cleans!

    You can find the hand soap that I use HERE.

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    Hope you have a wonderful day!  


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