Monday, November 5, 2012

Menu Monday...

This week, my husband and I have decided that we need to eat healthier and start exercising.  I am planning to start walking/running on my treadmill and outside some if I am able, and we have also talked about doing Insanity.....Insane, I know!!  :)  
I am also using THIS to help me loose weight.  I love this program!! It really works to help you loose weight and KEEP it off!

I was able to go to the store this week and buy groceries for $60!!  I love to save money!  We have decided that we do not need junk food or processed food in our home.  I usually don't buy much processed food anyway, but we are trying to cut it all out and find healthier alternatives for them.  Don't pick on us, but we are having a salad with almost every meal this week!

Here is our menu for this week...

Monday night:
We are having grilled chicken (seasoned and grilled on the George Foreman) Salad.
I am going to make our own croutons for our salad but just haven't made them yet, so I used a package of croutons for the picture.  :)
Making your own croutons is easy and you can customize them to what you like.
You can find a recipe HERE.

Breakfast for Dinner
We are having bacon, sausage, biscuits, and eggs.  I may even make some mini pancakes for the kids and also for freezing the extras for another time.
I LOVE making Breakfast for dinner.  This one may not be as healthy, but my kids LOVE Breakfast foods.  I don' t do this very often either, but It is simple and I love any excuse to eat bacon.  ;)

Sloppy Joe Roll Ups with Caesar Salad
I forgot to add the cheddar cheese in the picture.  
I buy block cheese because it is better for you and doesn't have all of the preservatives that the pre-shredded cheese does.
You can find the recipe for the Sloppy Joe Roll Ups HERE.  
I haven't made this before and am very excited to try it!  

Oven Roasted Chicken with Baked Potatoes and Salad
You can find a good Oven Roasted Chicken Recipe HERE.

Friday is Pizza night at our house.  We try to get a pizza and watch a movie with the Kids.  Do you have a Friday night Tradition??

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  1. Visiting from Menu Monday. I am going to check out those Sloppy Joe Roll Ups and I love that you are having a salad with all your meals this week!


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