Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What we did Wednesday...

Today we had a really good day!  This is what we did...

Trevor hurt his big toe, so we had to put an Angry Birds bandaid on it! :)

We read some books.  The Tale of Three Trees is one of my favorites! 

Playing with Kitty.

These pictures crack me up!

Coffee.  Nuff' said!  ;)

Kitty taking a nap after playing with Trevor.  He has a hard life...

Trevor helping with laundry.  He loves to help me do "chores".

I put together another Shaklee Basket today for someone to try the cleaning products for free!

Trevor also vacuumed the floors.

Playing with trains.  He loves his trains and tracks and will play with them for hours!

This is a little girl that I keep. Her name is Jordyn and she LOVES to play with Trevor!

That is pretty much what we did this morning.  

What did you do today??


1 comment:

  1. Poor kitty...he looks wore out!!! (LOL) Looks like you guys had a great day :) Can't wait to hang out tomorrow :)


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