Monday, October 29, 2012

This week's menu...

This week, we are having a Gospel Meeting at our Church and we are eating there every night this week...
Well, Joe and I are eating there tonight.  Tomorrow at 2pm, we are leaving for our 10 year anniversary trip!!!  We will be married for 10 years December 7th and are going (a little early) to Myrtle Beach and staying in the same hotel that we stayed in on our Honeymoon 10 years ago.  We are really excited!  My parents are coming in to take care of the kids while we are gone.  My Mom is going to be going to the store and fixing dinners this week, so I am not sure exactly what is on the menu this week.  :)

Tonight for the Gospel meeting, I made some Lasagna!  I love Lasagna!  I made it on Friday so it would sit for a couple of days in the fridge and the flavors would mary and the noodles will get soft.  This is how it looks until I cook it this afternoon...

I actually made two of them so my Mom would have one to fix while we are gone.

I also have some left overs and some other things in the freezer for her to fix..

Joe and I are planning on going to the grocery store when we get there so that we can buy breakfast and lunch foods.  We keep our costs down by only going out to eat for dinner.  

One night we plan on going to the Olive Garden, and another night we plan on going to a dinner show Here...

It's called Pirates Voyage.  I have heard that it is a great show!

We also plan on just relaxing and having a great time!

We enjoy walking on the beach and hope that the weather will be nice for us to do that in the afternoons.  

I hope you have a great week, and I hope to update through the week with pictures of our vacation!



  1. Hi Julia! Thank you for the follow, I look forward to getting know more about you and your family. Happy Anniversary and travel safe!

  2. I am stopping by to return the favor (since you stopped by my blog-

    We love lasagna in our household...yum!

    Hubby and I will celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary next year (not sure how that happened, we cannot be that old!) and plan to go to Disney! The kids are not too happy with us but we want to go and do the things we never get a chance to do! Have fun on your anniversary vacation.

    1. Thanks for the follow!! 20 years wow!! Disney is so much fun! We went with our oldest son last year. It was a very tiring trip but very magical! ;)


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