Thursday, October 4, 2012

Organizing My Son's Room...

Hello! I hope everyone is having a great day!!  

Today I wanted to share with you how I organize my son's bedroom.  I have people ask me how we organize his room because he has Miller Dieker Syndrome, which is a rare syndrome affecting 11.7 in One Million, and he has a lot of medical needs and equipment.  I like for all of his things to be organized because, well, I have a small touch of OCD, and if there is an emergency, I like to be able to find his medical equipment quickly!

Ryan when he was just a few weeks old

Ryan todday

This is what Ryan's room looked like about a year ago...

It was nice, but the big wooden chest that my husband built was tall and hard to organize in.  I could't reach the top well, and the sink was really low.  It just wasn't functional for what we wanted with him and I also had no where to store his big things.

So last winter, we did this...

I am so in LOVE with how it turned out.  This was part of his Christmas last year (and mine). Now it looks neat and organized, and there is a place for everything!  It took us less than a week to get this done.

This is on his door.  My grandfather made it for him.  I love it!!

This is another way we stay organized.  Since we have a nurse that comes in and helps us with him, there are specific instructions written down for her to follow.  It also helps if someone else is here that doesn't care for him often, and they can just peek at the clipboards and read the instructions given on his care.  I bought the clipboards from the Dollar store for cheap!

Ryan also has a refrigerator in his room.  I love it, because we make his milk up ahead of time, so all I have to do in the morning is just grab a container of milk out.  We also store his antibiotics in here when he is on one.

This is his side table beside his bed.  I keep his cough machine in the bottom, and he has a CD player to listen to music at night, and has some organizing drawers for gloves and towels that we use to bathe him or clean his face.  The towels are really cool, because I also got them at the Dollar store and they are for polishing cars.  They are super soft!!  The oxygen tank is a back up for emergencies or to help him if he has a seizure.

Ryan uses a lot of syringes for his medicine and water flushes.  I keep them all organized in this little plastic organizer with drawers.  I keep the drawers labeled so we know which size is in what drawer.

One of the coolest things that we did, was to put in a sink.  I use this sink ALL the time to wash my hands, clean bottles and syringes, and for water flushes.  I love that I don't have to go to the bathroom or kitchen to get water for Ryan's room!

We also put in a little drawer infront of the sink that I put his bottle brush in. 

In his cabinets, I keep many of the smaller things. Here is his Nebulizer treatments, and his Massage Oil.  Since he can not move around on his own, the nurse or I massage him frequently so that he doesn't get stiff.

I use the lower cabinets to organize his bigger things, and put them in plastic bins to keep everything in its place.  I label EVERYTHING!

Since we installed cabinets that would normally go in a Kitchen, I have pull out drawers in Ryan's room.  I love them because I can organize his small things in there in little plastic bins.  I got these from the Dollar store.

We also installed this hook on his wall for his stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, and his thermometer.  

I love the counters in Ryan's room.  We actually got them on sale at Lowes and I believe they discontinued them.  :(  This is where I keep his medicines.  I make sure that they are labeled and organized.  I keep the pills in a separate basket and the empty basket is for his night time meds after the nurse makes them up that day.

Here is another one of his upper cabinets where I keep his milk and bottles.  Ryan is tube fed only, so he requires a special formula.  The neat thing about his formula is that it is all natural blended foods.  I am all for anything that is all natural!!

Here is his awesome picture that my Mom painted for him for one of his birthdays.  He loves to look at it at night before he goes to sleep.  I love this picture!

This is is really cool bed!  It is called a Sleep Safe Bed.  I love it because it is a hospital bed frame but looks like a "normal" bed.  Because it is on a hospital frame, I am able to move it up and down and move the head and foot.  The mattress is also memory foam to help prevent bed sores.  We are so blessed for him to have this bed!

This is his big Liquid Oxygen tank (an eyesore but we have to have it), and his dresser with his refrigerator.  The red bin is for his dirty clothes.  I use every space possible in his little room.  ;)   

This is under his sink where I keep his diapers, trash bags, and paper towel.  I try to keep everything in a separate basket to keep it organized.

Wow!  This post was really long, but there is so much stuff in Ryan's room!  If you are interested in learning more about Ryan and his syndrome, you can go HERE.

If you are interested in the all natural products that I use in his room to clean and wash his medical equipment, you can go HERE.

If you are interested in following me on Facebook, you can go HERE.

I hope you enjoyed going through Ryan's room with me today! 

Have a blessed day!!



  1. Julia, I love it! You guys are so organized!

  2. WOW Julia! :)
    Thanks so much for getting personal and sharing this with us. You made his room so cute and cozy for him.
    Prayers always!!

  3. You did a great job, Julia! He is lucky to have such a great mom!

  4. WOW! what am organized room. Thank you for sharing. He is blessed to have such a great mom.

  5. You are SO organized, but I suppose you need to be. I admire your strength and how much you are able to do.

    Thank you for linking up at Super Sunday Sync!
    Hope to see you next week and before :)

  6. Great job. Love how it totally fits your needs and looks good too. Thanks for sharing. Found you through a link party.

  7. Wow, you made that room absolutely perfect, both for organizing his medical supplies and because it's his room and needs things he likes in it! It's got personality and function, great job :-)

    Thanks for sharing at The Fun In Functional!

  8. I think the remodel is astonishing! But, I'm taken back by the personal aspect of your story. Your hands are very full with your little loves! I admire what you have done and what you do everyday. Ryan has a wonderful mom!
    Thanks for linking up To Whimsy Wednesday.
    Smart! School {House}


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