Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Favorites...

Fall is my favorite time of the year!!  I love jacket weather, falling leaves, pumpkins, and owls!! 

I have Owls in my home all year round though!  ;)

Here are some of my favorite Fall things:

My awesome Cousin got me this Owl pencil/pen holder as a gift.  I LOVE this pencil holder and was actually looking for one to go on my desk in my new Office space.  Isn't it so cute!?!?

I also love this Owl candle holder that I got from Celebrating Homes.  It looks great in my Kitchen!  I love to burn candles in the Fall/Winter time and with the candle holder, you see the cute Owl and not the candle.

This is the cutest towel that I bought from Joanne Fabric.  It was 50% off!  I love a good deal and when I saw it, I just knew I had to have it.  I also bought the matching table cloth.  LOVE this!!

Not only do I love the towel that these muffins are sitting on, but I love these Muffins!!  They are so easy to make.  You just mix together 1 box of cake mix with 1 can of pumpkin.  That is it!  No oil, water, or eggs.  They turn out so moist and taste so good!!  I also love to use pumpkin a lot in the fall.  I love to add it to lots of things including, our pancakes, my coffee, and even oatmeal!  It is so good!

One bad thing that happened this weekend, is that my new kitchen faucet broke.  :(  This is my faucet...
(sorry that the sink looks gross, this is before we re-did our kitchen and before I used Scour Off paste to clean my sinks)

The little part that you pull down to spray the sink broke.  There is a part in there that busted and I have to go online and find the part because the replacement faucet that we bought at Walmart last night is terrible!!!
We went to Lowes to buy a new faucet, but they closed at 7pm..  :(
Walmart had 3 (that I would even consider buying) to choose from.  Blah!
This is the faucet....

Yeah, it looks nice.... but it doesn't work well.  It is much shorter than I am used to and when you turn the water on and off, the whole faucet moves side to side.  It is really odd.  It works for now and I shouldn't complain, but it isn't what I am used to.  This will be going back to Walmart ASAP!!

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you!  My awesome (and CUTE) Shaklee shirt came in today!!!  I love it!!  :)

Oh, and something that my kids are loving, are their vitamins!!  With the money that I Save on our Cleaning Supplies, I am able to buy my kids the best Vitamins on the market!!  I got them in about 2 weeks ago, and the kids love taking them and love the taste.  I took them with me last weekend to do an In Home Event and the kids got so mad at me and thought I wasn't going to bring them back and that someone else would take their vitamins.  They are so cute!!  I am so glad that I can give them vitamins that are Natural and are just that...Vitamins, with no other fillers or dyes.

What do you like about Fall?  

Hope you have a blessed day!!


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