Friday, September 28, 2012

Getting Rid of Stains Naturally....

I have been using this awesome stain remover for two years and thought I would share it with you today!  It is called Nature Bright, and it always works for every kind of stain that I have!  I have even used this awesome stain remover to get finger nail polish out of my couch!!  I have some before and after pictures to show you today.

My son, Ryan, made a lovely stain on his shirt....

Yucky stain!!

Never fear!  Nature Bright is here!  ;)  

I make a paste with warm water and a little bit of Nature Bright and rub the paste directly on the stain.  Then I wash it...

Can you believe that this 5.5lb container of Shaklee Fresh Laundry Concentrate does 88 loads of Laundry?!?!  I save so much money using this detergent!  I only use 1 oz. (see the measuring cup above?) of detergent per load!

I also used Nature bright on Ryan's shoes...

Nature bright is one of my favorite products!

You can get yours HERE!

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Hope you have a blessed day!



  1. Amazing!! Anything from Shaklee for oil stains?

  2. Wow that is pretty amazing, thanks for showing it off!


  3. Just wanted to let everyone know how much I LOVE my Vitalizer!!! It has helped control my hot flashes and my night sweats!! It is so nice not having any at night before you go to bed it sure makes sleeping easier....Now I need to get the I can get the rest of me fixed!!! LOL

  4. Wow, the after looks like there was never even a stain. Thanks for sharing on Tout It Tuesday! Hope to see you tomorrow.


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