Wednesday, September 26, 2012


My Middle son, Ryan has a very rare syndrome called Miller Dieker Syndrome. We found out the day after he was born that he had Lissencephaly, and three weeks later that he had Miller Dieker Syndrome.  He has a deletion of this 17th chromosome and his brain is completely smooth.  The condition is very rare, in fact, only 11.7 in One Million people have MDS.  He has really been a fighter!!  He is 5 now and we were told that he would most likely not live past the age of 2.  He has seizures, a feeding tube, respiratory problems, asthma, and is completely dependent for all of his care.  He has a full time nurse that helps us with his care.  We are truly blessed to have him in our life!

Anna-Marie holding Ryan.  She just loves him!!

Because of his health issues, we have many bills that need to be paid off.  My wonderful cousin, Anna-Marie sells 31 and has decided to do a fundraiser for Awareness for Ryan.  She will be donating 100% of her commission from this event to us!  We just can't thank her enough for her generosity!

We will begin talking orders on October 1st and will go through the 15th.

This is the 31 Special for October:

This will be an online event, so please use the following directions to view the catalog and order online:

Go to her website:
Click on "My Parties" to the right of the page
Select "Kendrick Family Fundraiser Event"
Shop Now!

Thanks so much for you help!!  



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