Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Big Thank You!!

I wanted to Thank everyone who stopped by my blog and bought a pouch from me!  Your generosity has helped me reach my big goal!  I sold OVER FIFTY pouches over the last two weeks!  I am blown away!!  I can not thank you all enough!!

Don't worry!  I am still going to be making these cute pouches in my spare time!  I will be posting new pictures HERE as I make more!  There is also a tab at the top of my blog that says "Zipper Pouches" that you can click on and check to see what is available. :)

Some of you know, but those of you who don't, I used the money I raised to sign up to be an Independent Distributor with Shaklee!  I did a post recently, (HERE), that explains what Shaklee is.  I LOVE Shaklee products and have been using them for over a year and a half.  

One day I was searching blogs and ran across a blog,  and saw posts about Shaklee and how shaklee has saved her family money.  I wrote down her webpage and looked at the products for a few weeks trying to decide if I wanted to purchase anything or not.  Finally, I decided to give her a call and talk to her and hear her story about Shaklee and learn what drew her to purchase them.  She told me her story and I was instantly compelled to buy them.  I knew that I wanted all natural products in my home and I wanted my children to be safe and not breathe in any toxins from the cleaning products that we were using at the time.  I was also concerned about Ryan and his asthma/breathing problems that he endures from Miller Dieker Syndrome. 

Ryan receiving a breathing treatment for his breathing problems.

I remember when I products came in and I was SO excited to use them!  I wanted to become a Distributor right then and there after using the products.  I was so excited to tell everyone I knew about Shaklee and help them save money.  I am still so excited when I use Shaklee, because I know that my house is clean, and also cleaned with all natural and safe products.  I can also let my boys help me clean with Shaklee!  I have not bought ANY cleaning products in a year and a half!!

Trevor, Ryan, and Zack

I have also use the Cinch line from Shaklee and LOVE those products as well!  I have lost 8 pounds the last three weeks and am excited to keep loosing with the Cinch program!   

My husband and I  :)

I am also excited to use the vitamins and beauty products!  Look at the comparison with Vitilizer!  You would have to eat all of these foods to get the same nutritional value of taking Vitalizer.

I love the convenience of the Vita-Strip!  No more buying bottles and bottles of vitamins and sorting them daily to make sure you take the right ones at the right time.  It is all there in one pack ready to take!

One of my favorite Shaklee products is Nature Bright.  

It has so many uses, but I have used it to get NAIL POLISH out of my couch. 

I am so excited to start my journey with this amazing company!!  If you are interested in learning about this company, you can register to attend a wonderful webinar HERE that will show you how you can work at home and earn $500 - 5k a month! The webinar is this Saturday at 10am central 11am eastern.  When you fill out the form, put my name (Julia Kendrick) in the box that says "Who referred you here".

To learn more about Shaklee products, please go HERE.

If you would like updates on how to save money, please follow me on Facebook HERE.



  1. Wow the zipper pouches are really cute! I'm sorry to hear about you son. I will pray for you and your family :)

    Your newest follower from the Sugar Bee Crafts linkup
    -Jordan :)

  2. Love the pouches and I have heard good things about Shaklee products. Thanks for sharing on Tout It Tuesday! Hope to see you tomorrow.


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