Thursday, August 16, 2012


Every month around the 14th, I receive a lovely box in the mail with all kinds of goodies in it!  I pay $10 a month for a box full of high end samples.  It is like a small little present that I look forward to!  When you open the box, everything is wrapped up very neatly in tissue paper and ribbon.

This is what the inside of my box looked last month...

I received a pair of ear buds in a bright color that I love, some mints that give you energy, a stila lip gloss, Jouer bb cream, a makeup smoother (pink thing), and some lovely smelling perfume.  They send you a card each month that tells you what you received, how much the retail price is, and a little information abou the product.  Most of the time, the boxes are themed.  This one was themed around air travel (if I remember correctly).  

This month my box looked like this...

I received some perfume, a treatment that you can use in areas before you tweeze (which I am so excited about trying!) it is supposed to numb the area, some minty smelling hand soap, shampoo, and a Schick razor with coupons for replacements.  
I haven't tried the shampoo yet, but the perfume smells really good and so does the hand soap.
Another great thing about getting a birchbox each month, is that my kids love to play with the birchbox.  They are nice boxes with lids that would also work nicely to put a gift in for a friend.  

Would you like to receive a birchbox of your own each month?  What are you waiting for? Go to to sign up today! 


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