Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Today Trevor and I went to the Dollar General to buy some totes and baskets to organize the Pantry and the Master Bathroom.  At nap time, I spent about an hour and a half organizing and throwing away things that we do not need or want anymore.  I love to organize and feel very stressed when my house is't clean and organized.  So, this is the bathroom:  (I didn't think to take any "before" photos to show you how much better it looks.  Oh well!)

This cabinet had towels, hand towels, and washcloths just thrown in the top two cabinets, and just junk in the lower cabinet.  I took EVERYTHING out and threw away what we didn't need and put the things we don't use often towards the back of the cabinet.  I think it looks so much better now!

Under my husband's side of the sink is really hard to organize.  He has plumbing in the way (I am so glad this is his side and not mine ;) ) and it is hard to fit anything in there.  I put a basket in there for the things he uses often and most of the other stuff that was in there was just thrown away.  Much better!

I have been wanting a shelf in my side for a while, but I improvised and used two totes that have drawers on them.  I put a basket on top of them and put the things that I use the most towards the front of the basket.  I still may see if my husband will put a shelf in here to help me have a little more space.  Girls have a bunch of stuff to store.  :)

This is our clean counter tops.  :)
I bought a glass jar and filled it with rice to put my makeup brushes, mascara, and tweezers in.  It is inside of the small basket on the right.  I think it will help me to be able to find what I need easier.

I also organized the pantry.  It looks so much better now!  I do not keep anything in its original box/container.  I buy storage containers everything and label them.  I made sure my can goods are in a tote that I can slide out so I can find what I am looking for easier.  I bought the two hanging baskets today for my breads.  I really like them and they are perfect for bread because they won't hold anything very heavy anyway.  I try to organize things in a tote together so it makes since to me.  Have one big tote full of snacks for the kids, one for crackers/plastic silverware, one for oatmeal/breakfast items, and one that has peanut butter/honey/syrup/raisins etc.  

I was hoping to get the refrigerator cleaned/organized today, but I will have to save that for tomorrow.  I hope my tips will inspire you to get organized too!!


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