Thursday, February 23, 2012

Snow and Mr. Independent....

My, oh my have things been busy around here lately!  Zack celebrated his 7th birthday on Tuesday, which is the same day that my hubbs decided to be sick with the FLU!  He returned to work today but is still feeling pretty miserable.  Ryan has been battling a cold too, but is back at school today.  I can't complain though, because we haven't been as sick this winter as we were last winter.  

Well, we finally had some snow here!  It started snowing Sunday and snowed all day and all night into Monday.  We ended up with about 3 all melted Monday afternoon though.  :(  It was weird....we had snow for like 12 hours and then it was GONE!  I took some pictures of the boys playing in the snow.  They had lots of fun!  

Maybe next year we will get more snow.  

So, I have a little Mr. Independent in my house right now.  Trevor is at that age where he wants to do EVERYTHING by himself, or as he says, "I will do it by me self!"  LOL  What a little mess he is!  He is making me go gray for sure!  If he wants something out of the refrigerator, he asks me to pick him up so he can reach it "by me self".  What is frustrating is that he is not really able to do a lot of the things himself, but just thinks he can.  I am trying to be very patient with him but it is really hard.  It is normal for this age but hard for the Mommies to deal with.  He is such a little ham though, and makes us laugh every day!

Trevor also started to keep Zack up at night (they shared a room) so we moved Zack to Ryan's room (on the floor with his mattress) and are planning on building Zack a room on to the back of our house.  Construction should start in 3 weeks or so and hopefully it will only take us 2 months to get it under roof.  We are doing the work ourselves but it is still going to be a big undertaking.  I have big plans for Zack's new room.  I want to use old furniture and paint it.  I am using Pinterest to plan it all out and also so I can remember what elements I want to put in there.  He seems very excited to have his own space. I have included him in some of the decisions that are being made for the design.  I know I am VERY ready to have him off of Ryan's floor!  
Here are some of the plans I have so far...

I like this headboard with nightstands attached.  We will stain this piece or paint it the blue/green color of the dresser.

Love this pop of color for the lamps!

We have a dresser and chest of drawers that are being donated for his room.  I love the idea of painting old furniture and changing the hardware.  

I LOVE this idea for shelves!

This is the color palette that I like.  The grey will be the walls and the other colors will be through out the room .  The furniture will be blue/green or stained dark.

He will also have a little desk area to do homework and art.  He loves to paint and draw these days.  I can't wait for him to have his own space to do so.  Right now I am trying to keep crayons/paint/ and markers away from Trevor all the time.  Good thing they are all washable!  :o)


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