Sunday, October 9, 2011


Friday night we went as a family (and with Pawpaw) to Ryan's Restaurant.  We had a really nice waiter and about half way through the meal he came over to the table with a bracelet that had W.W.J.D. on it, and asked me if he could put it on Ryan's wrist.  I said, "Sure!" and at first I thought it was a little odd, but then I got to thinking how great it is for him to wear this bracelet.
First, I thought it was so sweet that this waiter realized that Ryan was different and gave him a sweet gift.

 Second, I think it is great that others can see him wearing it and think twice about how they treat children and or adults with special needs.  If you didn't already know, wwjd stands for What Would Jesus Do?
Earlier last week there was another Mom with a MDS child who posted how upset she was that some children at her daughter's school was calling Gracie (her daughter with MDS) ugly names because she is different and has special needs.  I just don't understand why children are raised to think it is okay to do this.  God chose for Gracie to be the way she is for a reason and it isn't our place to question that or be ugly to her or any other child with special needs just because we don't know any other way to speak to or interact with them.
This is sweet Gracie...
Isn't she beautiful!!!

So, before you say anything ugly about a special needs child or ANYONE for that matter, just remember...

What Would Jesus Do?


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  1. Julia, THANK YOU for posting this. I'm a good friend of Waverly's (ie. Cristen's ;-D) and can't tell you how encouraging I find this post.


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