Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ryan's Surgery...

Well, Ryan's surgery has been scheduled.  He will have his ear tubes placed and his adenoids taken out on October 26th.  I don't know what time yet, but I am sure since he has special needs they will do it in the morning as early as possible.  I am really dreading it but I know it will help him not to get sick so often.  His adenoids were very enlarged on the x-ray and are possibly holding bacteria which is the reason why he has been having so many problems in the last three months.  I will update when I know all of the details.  I know we will be going to have some pre-op tests done a few days before the surgery.  Please pray that he doesn't get sick before then so he can have the procedure done and over with.  I do worry about him being intubated more than the surgery itself, but hopefully he will not have any problems with the intubation.  The procedure will be outpatient but if they decide he needs to stay then he will.  I will have Elma to help me at home.  I am so blessed to have her help!
Thanks for all your prayers!


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