Monday, October 17, 2011

Ryan's hospital story...

It is 10pm on Monday night. I am tired. I am emotional. I miss Zack and Trevor. I miss my husband. I miss my normal life at home. It all started on Thursday. At noon he spiked a fever and required one liter of oxygen. We got his fever down and he seemed fine for the rest of the day. He started coughing in the night and by the time he woke up he was really junky and required three liters of oxygen. Since he had surgery scheduled for the 26th I just decided to take him to the er and have him checked out because I was pretty sure he had an ear infection. I am so glad we took him in because they think he had sepsis which is a blood infection. It was in early stages so we were lucky. Since it is a blood infection they want Ryan on IV antibiotics for a week and then he will take oral antibiotics until his surgery. We don't think he will be having his surgery on the 26th now but he will take them until the surgery...when ever that is. They tried to put In a PICC line today so he could go home and get his IV antibiotics at home but the PICC team was unable to get it in. If I could have laid on the floor and threw a fit about it I would have. I am SO upset the team was unable to place his PICC line. They almost had it in once and then it wouldn't flush. They said his veins would spasm as soon as they put the catheter in. The catheter was going to be a long term catheter that could stay in for up to 12 months. He had to be heavily sedated for the procedure today and has been pretty groggy most of the day. Since the PICC line couldn't be placed, we will stay here so he can get his IV antibiotics. He has an IV in his external jugular vein (in his neck) and if it fails, he has no other options for an IV so we will go home if it does. We could go home Wednesday but it could be as late as Friday. Please continue to pray foe my sanity, for Ryan to continue to improve, and for Joe and the kids as they are home without me. When I find out more about his surgery I will let you know. Julia


  1. I have been praying for him everyday and for you too Julia! :) I am thinking of sweet Ryan every day! :) Erin

  2. Hi. My name is Carlie Holloway and my daughter, Abby was born with Miller-Dieker in 2002. I would love to talk with you more. I have never spoken with anyone else whose child has MDS. We live in North Carolina and would love to be in contact with some other families experiencing the things we have experienced. My email is if you would like to be in contact. By the way, Ryan is absolutely PRECIOUS!!


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