Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Busy Day & Bee Stings...

Today Joe and I went outside and worked on the yard.  He aerated the yard and mowed and then we put fertilizer, grass seed, and lime on the yard.  Well, I did and it was great exercise!
We were going to clean up some beside our house and burn some cardboard, but when Joe went over to start the fire in the barrel we have, there was a yellow jackets nest in the barrel.  Joe was stung on his eyelid and on his wrist.  His poor eye looks awful.  Pretty much the whole side of his face is swollen.  He can barely open his eye.  I didn't have any goldenseal to put on it so I used a baking soda paste and applied ice.  It looks a little better this afternoon.  He also took benadryl and motrin.  He is planning on taking more tonight before he goes to bed.  He really had me worried when he came running in the house yelling.  I am glad he was only stung two times.  It could have been a lot worse!  He just says that he is in a lot of pain where he was stung.  I have heard that yellow jacket stings hurt worse than any other sting but I wouldn't know because I have never been stung before in my life that I can recall.
Hopefully it will look better tomorrow and the swelling will go down some more.

I also made an apple pie today out of some apples that my Mom gave me and it made the house smell so good!!!  We haven't tasted it yet, but I am sure it will be so good with some vanilla ice cream! :o)

Ryan got his flu shot and three other shots yesterday and now has flu like symptoms.  (This happens to him every time he gets the shot!)  I thought that maybe this year he wouldn't get sick because he is older, but no such luck.  I went in his room this morning and he had a fever of 102.2 and had thrown up.  He threw up two more times.  I gave him some nausea medicine and waited thirty minutes and then was able to give him some tylenol and motrin and his other morning meds.  He has been on pedialyte today on his pump on a slow drip.  I have been turning it up 10ml's every two hours and he is tolerating that fine.  He has actually been awake all day which has really surprised me. I figured he would sleep after I gave him that medicine for nausea but he didn't.  
I did get the packet in the mail today about his surgery.  He will have his pre-op appointment on Tuesday the 18th at 12:30pm, but I won't know what time his surgery is until the day before.  You have to call the day before to get your time and information.  I think that is really frustrating!  Esp. with us...I mean, we have two other children to plan for and I just would really like to know what time we have to get up and be there.  UGH!!  I am going to request since he has special needs and will need to have seizure meds asap after the surgery that he has it as early in the morning as possible.  We will see...

Trevor has started having a runny nose today and some coughing.  I gave him an extra dose of Zyrtec today and will give him some motrin before he goes to bed.  It is that time of the year!!  We have the humidifier/air purifier going but it doesn't help when you put the air on during the day and heat on at night.  We can't open our windows because of Ryan's respiratory problems.

Well, I guess that is all for today.  Hope you had a wonderful day!!


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