Friday, April 8, 2011

Opps...I forgot...

I forgot to tell you about how I keep up with our food/meals.

I do not keep magazines!  I just don't have the room.  I get 2 food magazines every month and I go through them and cut out the recipes that I want to keep.  I put them in a folder so I can find them when I need an idea.  I make a weekly list for grocery shopping of all of the items we need for the week.  I always make a menu so I know what we are eating each night just so I can be prepared.  Every now and then I realize that I was supposed to put something in the crock pot and it is like 3pm and there is no time.  I make my menu and post it to the front of the fridge so I can see it and not make the mistake of forgetting to put something in the crock pot or taking meat out of the freezer the day before.  I am a big planner!  :)  I also try to save money where I can but I still try to get good quality ingredients for my family.  I DO not buy box meals!!!   I find ways to make what I want from scratch so that my family is healthy.  I recently found a recipe for homemade hamburger helper and made it for my family.  It was so good and I know what was in it.  There was no MSG or preservatives.  The recipe is HERE if you are interested.  Joe and the boys loved it.  I try to use whole wheat breads and pasta when I can as well.  I also go to the grocery store the same day of the week.  I was going on Sunday afternoon and just recently changed it to Friday mornings.

I may post my menu for next week to give you some ideas to try on your own.  Some foods I make up on my own but most of the time they are from the food network or a magazine.

Plan ahead!



  1. awww, I am so glad you liked the hamburger helper! :) It's a staple around here! :) Erin

  2. ooooh, Im always up for recipes. Cooking is the bane of my existence because I have no ideas! There are a couple of good recipes that I keep rolling with, but otherwise, Im always at a loss at what I am capable of making that my young ones will actually eat! :)


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