Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Great End to a Tough Week...

This has been a week that I don't want to live again for a long time.  I do what I have to do, but I am exhausted from trying to take care of everyone being sick.  I took Ryan to Martinsville Hospital Thursday night after dinner because he was crying, had a fever, and had drainage coming out of his right ear.  When I got about half way, Ryan threw up in the van.  He got it all over his shirt and car seat.  I had to clean him up in the van and take him in bundled up in a blanket without a shirt on.  The nurse who was assigned to Ryan didn't do well with pediatric patients who cares! Do your job! so he had different nurses coming in and out when they got a chance and he didn't get very good care there.  He spiked a fever and I had to flag a nurse down to come in an take his temperature.  He was 103.0.  Too high for him.  I had to ask them to do the tylenol suppository instead of the liquid because he was throwing up.  I told them when we got there that my husband had flu like symptoms earlier in the week, and they DID NOT EVEN TEST HIM FOR FLU!!!  I had to ask for the test to be done.  It was negative, but still....  UGH!  Common sense people!  Every time he threw up I had to clean him up myself and use Ryan's personal suction machine to clean him up.  He has the risk of aspiration and when we got there he should have been hooked up to the hospital monitors and all of the suction and oxygen supplies should have been hooked up as well.  He is a pediatric patient with a lot of medical problems and they should be prepared for that.  I never noticed until this visit, but the ER doesn't have any hand foam.  The nurses come in and out of patients rooms and never did use sanitizer or wash their hands.  When they diagnosed Ryan with "pneumonia" (which he didn't have) they should have put him on IV fluids (He already had an IV in his arm!) and given him a breathing treatment.  I am thinking about calling the hospital administrator and complaining.  I was almost in tears by the time I left that place.  When we got to Roanoke Memorial, the night nurse we had was terrible.  She didn't keep a check on his temperature and I had to tell her that he was burning up and he needed motrin and tylenol.  It took her forever to give him the meds and I know his fever had to have been close to 104.0.  I told the Dr's about that and they were pretty upset to hear that his temp wasn't checked.  I told the Dr's at Roanoke that if he didn't have pneumonia and didn't need any special care that I couldn't give him at home then I wanted to go home.  I am actually able to take better care of him at home because I don't have to rely on a nurse to get everything for us.  At home I can be in more than one room and I can sit in a comfortable seat.  I am so glad to be home!  Here is a picture of Ryan in the hospital from yesterday.

This is me after a not having sleep all night the night before.  I was so tired!

I slept really well last night and Joe let me sleep in some this morning.  He went to Hardees and bought us all breakfast and brought me some flowers and a sweet card.  He knew I had a rough week and I had been through a lot physically and emotionally.  
The flowers:

Zack gave me a flower too!

Since I didn't get a picture of Zack on here on my last post here is one of him playing his DS.

I am so glad to be home with my family and glad that everyone is getting better!


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