Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What I Love Wednesday...

I thought I would post today about all of the things that I just love and can't live without. (well, I guess I can but I don't want to!)

My first LOVE is coffee!  I usually have one cup every morning with creamer.  Ask my family, I like it strong!  :)  I love my BUNN coffee maker!  It makes coffee in lightning speeds!  Ha Ha!

___ ... ___ ... ___ ... ___ ... ___

I LOVE my 31 skirt purse!  I can change the skirt to match what I am wearing without changing my whole purse.  I am a busy mom, so I just don't have time or space to have 273 thousand purses in my life.  :)  They also have great bags you can use for diaper bags.

My current skirt of choice and my wallet (I LOVE this wallet!), and my key thingie.  :)

These are the other skirt purses that I have.  Love them all!

___ ... ___ ... ___ ... ___ ... ___

I also am just falling head over heels in love with my Shaklee products!  I have started some spring cleaning and love cleaning with Shaklee.  It is safe for my family but also cleans really well.  I love all of it so far!  You can read more about Shaklee here.
These are two of my faves:

___ ... ___ ... ___ ... ___ ... ___

Scents for everyone

Another thing that I love is my Scentsy!  I have several "flavors" and love to instantly make my house smell better with it.  I love that you can change the scent very easily and you only pay $5 for a scentsy bar and it lasts forever.  Each bar has 9 squares in it that you can use.  Check it out at

This is my plug in.  It matches my kitchen very well!
These are the scents that I have so far.  Love them all!


I will leave you with some pictures of Trevor that are too cute for words!

So precious!

I just wanted to take his picture... :)

Love him!  These are my favorite pajamas!  


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  1. I too am a coffee addict, LOVE my Shaklee, and love my scentsy. I hear scentsy just came out with their new spring scents. I am going to use up the ones I have so I can get new ones! :)
    I love the picture of your son with his pouty look! I got sharpie on my work shirt tonight and I am curious to see if my Nature bright takes it out! I will let you know! :)


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