Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Things For My New Kitchen...

Since I am getting the new kitchen I have always wanted, I am making sure I buy things for it to help me get the most out of it and stay organized.  Yesterday I went to Lowes and bought this stuff...

I bought the spice rack that you can't see that stair steps up the spices so you can see what is in the back.

I actually bought these at Dollar General for $3 each.  I can't reach up in these cabinets very well,  so it helps me to have the handles to grab on to.  

I put the baskets in the top because I am short and it is easier for me to get the whole basket down.  I put my baking supplies (sprinkles, piping bag and tips,  baking chocolate, etc.) in them.  I bought a stair step spice rack shelf for this cabinet but didn't have it put in yet in this picture.

I bought a new silverware organizer because mine was old and yucky, and green.  LOL  This one is much nicer! 

I bought this expandable organizer because this drawer is SO big!  It worked well for all of my stuff.

Joe hasn't put this in yet either, but this will go in my cabinet to organize my cookie sheets and muffin tins.  I will put my cutting board in here too.

This is what we have gotten done so far.  I am going to grout in about an hour.  I will put Trevor down for his nap before I start that messy process.  Joe will be happy because that will just leave the hardware to do tonight and fixing the little place beside the dishwasher.  I LOVE the way it has turned out!

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