Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shaklee Products...

Well, so far I definitely recommend Shaklee products.  I became a member for a flat fee of $20 and ordered the $99 kit.  It comes with most everything you need to clean your house.  So far, I have used the automatic dishwasher powder in my dishwasher and all of my dishes came clean and there were virtually no water spots on them.  I love that you just use a tiny bit and your dishes all come clean.
I have done two loads of laundry (the boy's clothes) and I LOVE the stain remover/laundry booster.  I put 1/2 of a scoop (sometimes less) into the washer before I put the clothes in and it helps any little stains come out and I love the smell of the detergent.  It is really easy to use and just takes a small amount.  It is compatible with He washers.  I haven't tried the dryer sheets yet because I use liquid fabric softener, but if I do use them I will cut them in half so they will last longer.  (Thanks for the idea Erin!)
I have used the degreaser to clean the top of my sove and wash down the front of my appliances.  I have used the all purpose cleaner to wipe down my counters and the dining room table.
I am probably going to start my spring cleaning this weekend.  I think I am ready?!?!  Yikes!
I am excited about mopping my floors with the H2 cleaner and you can also mix it differently with water to shine your floors.
I have also used the Laundry booster/stain lifter for my couch.  Yesterday, Trevor got ahold of my clear nail polish (glad it was clear!) and somehow he was able to open the lid and poured it all over my practically new couch.  (We bought it this time last year.)  I could have killed him.  I went into clean mode and started to figure out what to use to get it out.  First I tried nail polish remover, because HELLO..that is what we use to get it off of our nails.  Well, it didn't work.  So then I put warm soapy water on it and started to scrape at it with a table knife (with the help of April...Thanks April!).  That didn't work either.  Then I thought about my stain lifter in the laundry room.  I sprinkled it on the areas with polish on it and scrubbed it with my bottle brush like nobody's business.  LOL  Guess what!?!?  IT CAME OUT!!  My couch is still drying because I had to put so much water on it to get the nail polish remover smell out, but it is good as new!  I am so glad that I had my Shaklee here to get it fixed.  I don't think I would have ever gotten it out with anything else.  So, the Shaklee products have already paid off.  I paid $99 for a starter kit and it saved my $1,000 couch.  Thank you Shaklee!  I love this stuff!  If you decide to sign up, please click on Erin's name above and follow her link to her Shaklee page.  I promise, you won't be disappointed!



  1. awww, I am soooo glad you saved your couch! I would have been devastated if I ruined my couch. I am so glad you are loving your new Shaklee products! :) Love it! Wait till you see how much money you save by not having to buy cleaning products more often. I haven't had to buy anything and I probably won't for a very long time. :)

  2. That is amazing...I don't use Shaklee yet...but keep hearing so many good things about it...


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