Monday, March 21, 2011

Kitchen, St. Patty's Day, and Zack's new toys...

We are finished with the wall of cabinet side (the easy side) and these are the before and afters...


After tearing it out:

And Finished:

We just love it!

On St. Patrick's day this year, all of the boys were home because of sickness so we got to eat breakfast together.  This is what we had...

We had French toast, strawberries, and GREEN milk!  Zack thought the green milk was so silly.

Ha Ha!  Trevor had an apple too.
I love how these pictures of the boys turned out!  I never did go over and take Ryan's picture, but he had on his green too.

Zack got a birthday present yesterday that he just loves!  He got a stuffed Mario and a stuffed Yoshi.  He just loves to play Super Mario Bros on his Wii and DS.  He played with them all day and told me that he wants the rest of the stuffed animal collection.  ($7.99 a PIECE for a stuffed animal!! UGH!)
This is what he did with them yesterday...

Swinging in the baby swing.

Swinging in the big swing.

Sliding down the slide.

Riding the merry go round.

What a great life to be Mario and Yoshi!  :)


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