Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kitchen Plans...

Well, starting Friday, we will be changing our kitchen!  Yay!  Here is what it looks like now:

Excuse the mess!  I didn't think to straighten up before I took these.  We will obviously be taking out the cabinets and replacing them with dark stained Oak cabinets.  The tile backsplash is going to be changing, and the counter tops are going to be changing as well.  As far as appliances go, we are only changing the microwave because it is black and we want stainless.  We are selling our black one.  :)  I am also putting a cabinet where the open shelf/cutting board is and we are putting a regular counter top on it.  We are changing the hardware to this:
Gatehouse Polished Chrome Pull

This is where a lot of changes are taking place.  We are taking down this whole "island" area.  The WHOLE thing....and we are going to put in a real island.  It will have a flat counter top and three cabinets on the kitchen side and three on the living room side for the kids toys.  It will open up the dining room more too.  I am very excited about my new island!

This wall of cabinets are going to stay pretty much the same, but instead of the opening for my cookbooks being on the bottom, I am putting them in the very middle of the middle row of cabinets so Trevor can't reach them.  We are't going to do the frosted glass either.  I think we are going to leave the stained wood panel in and we will make a decision later if we want to do the glass panels or not.  I think they give a nice modern touch, but we don't want to tear our new cabinets apart to achieve this look.

We are starting on the sink side this weekend.  The cabinets will look like this:

This is a side panel for the cabinets.  I put two coats of stain (we had the lowes guy mix a high pigmented stain for us to achieve the dark look because oak doesn't take stain well) and two coats of poly.  I uses steel wool in between the two coats of poly to make it smooth.  We are SO in love with how it turned out!  You are probably wondering why we are changing out our cabinets...well, they are very cheap cabinets that are falling apart.  The picture makes them look really good.  The paint is coming off of them because they are veneer and it doesn't stick.  I want to be able to wipe my cabinets down without wondering if I am going to take the paint off of them or not.  LOL

This is what our tile looks like:

We are keeping the green walls.  The combo doesn't really look that great in this picture, but I promise they look great together.

And this is our counter tops:

Wilsonart 48" x 96" Milano Quartz Sheet Laminate

All three together:


We should be able to get it done in three weeks to a month.  We are doing one section a week/weekend. I will try to take lots of pictures during the demo and after it is finished.  AND....if you think we are spending a fortune, you are wrong!  We are not spending over $2500 for the whole thing.  We are buying unfinished cabinets and finishing them ourselves...we found a glass tile at a great price (they had it on sale at lowes), and we are going back with laminate counter tops.  We are doing all of the work ourselves, and it helps that we already have flooring (hardwood) that doesn't need to be replaced, and all of our appliances are already upgraded except for our microwave.  

Yay for Home Improvements!


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  1. Wow! That is going to look amazing! Can't wait to see!!!


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