Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kitchen Island...

The kitchen island remodel is such a shocker!  I didn't know that it would look SO different!

This is the before...

and here is the after...

WOW!  I know this is a different angle from the one above, but it is HUGE in our dining room, living room, and kitchen now.  It will look much better when we stain it and put the counter top on.  I just have to figure out if we want the columns (2 dark stained columns on either side of the island) or if we want to leave it completely open.  We are going to use the cabinets on the living room side for the kids toys.  When they get older it will just be more room for my stuff.  :)

The kitchen is looking like a million bucks!  

What do you think about the columns?



  1. I can't believe how much more room it made with the new island! Amazing!!! I love it! I think it is so pretty. Can I come over and cook? lol

  2. Sure! I bet we could cook up some mean food together! :)

  3. Just found your cute blog. I love how much it opened up your kitchen. It looks great so far. Come by and visit me some time at I ♥ Nap Time.

  4. My dream kitchen! Lucky lucky you! I love what you did to it, it looks amazing!
    Hope to talk to you soon (:


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