Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Turning 6 and Making the Honor Roll...

Zack had a big day yesterday!  After he got home from school, Joe and I let him open his present.  He wasn't happy about getting a box of clothes, but he needs them.  :)  We took him later to pick out a game from Game Stop.  He picked out Mario Cart fro his DS.  Joe and I took him to a Japanese steak house to eat.  He loved to watch the guy cook in front of us and had a great time.  We ate mini cupcakes when we got home, but Joe noticed that he felt warm when we got home.  He took his temp and it was 100.2.  When Zack woke up this morning it had gone up more, so I took him to see his DR and he has the flu.  Poor thing!  He is out of school for the rest of the week and we had to cancel his birthday party saturday.  Here are some pictures from yesterday and a letter from Ward Armstrong for being on the Honor Roll!

Can you tell we are super proud of him!?!?

Ryan and his valentine bear from school.

Trevor stole my sunglasses.  :0)

Zack playing his new DS game.

The Big Boy!  6th Birthday! (needed a haircut  LOL)

Trevor was excited that we gave him a cupcake.  It is in his hair and, well...everywhere!

Ryan enjoying the birthday festivities.

Zack wore this at school.  I love him so much!
Happy 6th Birthday Zack!


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