Monday, February 7, 2011

Party Like you're....4!

On Saturday we went to Andrew's 4th birthday party.  We had a really good time and enjoyed seeing family.  Here are some pictures from Andrew's day....

First we picked up my Mom and Dad in Hillsville so we could visit them for longer.

Andrew is so cute!  Look at that red hair!


Nathan and Trevor had fun playing together.

Peanut the cat

Andrew's new Tractor.

One of the girls that came to the party.  I don't remember her name.

The other little girl.  :)

Andrew's cake that Cindy made.  She did a GREAT job and it was so good!

All of the kids waiting on their cake and ice-cream.

Andrew blowing out his candle.

Andrew and Zack enjoying the cake.

Tim and Andrew being silly.

Andrew was working hard trying to open all of his presents.

Then he got a paper cut on his thumb and he wasn't happy about it at all.

We had a great time! 

Happy Birthday Andrew!


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