Sunday, February 13, 2011

Outside Fun...

Yesterday it was so nice that I decided to take Zack and Trevor outside for a while.  Both boys love to be outside playing.

I didn't take Ryan outside because Joe was burning cardboard.  We have more cardboard than I could tell you about.  Ryan gets about 7 to 8 boxes of supplies monthly.  

The fire.

One of the reasons I love my camera.  We call this an action shot.  Very cool!

My birdhouse that always ends up on the ground.  

My handsome man working on cleaning up outside.

Ryan after his bath.

Sneaky little Trevor after his bath.  He was trying to touch my lens again...

The boys were "playing" with each other.  They were hitting, pinching, and kicking.  Then they chased each other around the house.  Sillyness!

Another cool action shot.

Hope everyone is enjoying this nice weather!


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